Manic Pixie Dream Girl

girlish and pining
endlessly trying and trying
eccentric in the ways I've made myself
makeup and dress up
never seeming to tire

I've wanted to be a sentient ray of sunshine
the one you think of and smile
I've wanted to make your world a better place to be in
and pull you out of your mire

I sit and think of all the things I want to say to you
on a cloud, so confused, building up my own fate
there's only one person who's done this to me
only one pair of hands I can blame
there's no use hiding behind veiled illusions
I am the one who set the stakes

I convince myself it's what you need
I built up this unattainable fantasy
I believe that this is how you will love me
so this is all I wanted in this world
just to be your manic pixie dream girl
(Some of my poetry and photography - I hope you enjoy)
_ Who We Truly Are

We are not our choices
We are not our decisions
We are not our flaws
Or our hindrances
These are just the things that make us stronger

We are not our bad habits
We are not our jealousy
We are not our vindictiveness
Or our envy
These are just the things we must learn to rise above

We are not our successes
We are not our appearance
We are not our possessions
Or our net worth
These are just the things that lie around us

We are not our families
We are not our embarrassments
We are not our humiliations
Or our trespasses
These are just the things that make up the past

We must learn to choose the best path
And we must learn to embrace compassion
We must learn to let go of worldly goods
And we must learn to forgive

In our relationships
And in our casual conversations
In our heart felt talks
And in our empathy
In our antipathy
And in our hearts
We find who we truly are


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